NEWSLETTER No. 84 Autumn 2018


Elburton Traffic and Infrastructure Issues
Nightingale Close
Brookwood Road/Gara Close Update
Councillor Information
Sherford Road Hedge Trimming
Travellers’ Site
New Chemist

Elburton Traffic and Infrastructure

Welcome to the Autumn 2018 Newsletter. Over the past six months there have been many issues and concerns raised regarding the general infrastructure of roads and transport within the Elburton and surrounding areas. Sherford Road in particular has been seen as one of the key issues that has caused concerns with local residents following the opening of the new perimeter road that was put in place by the Sherford Consortium earlier this summer. Approximately 300 residents in the Sherford Road area have signed a petition calling for the road to be permanently closed on the basis of its unsuitability to through traffic and Health and Safety concerns.

On a separate but somewhat related subject some of you will recall that PCC undertook a ‘Consultation Exercise’ on the A379 late last year and the results have now been issued and are available for viewing at :-


The EDRA Committee has reviewed these results but is uncertain if any meaningful changes or improvements have been made to the road as a result of the exercise.

The final issue of traffic problem for some residents concerns Vinery Lane (South) with vehicles continuing to try to use the road due to a lack of proper ‘Road Closed’ signage and Motor Cycles blatantly ignoring the No Through road signs at the Main Street junction.

As this newsletter was going to print all of these issues had been debated at a closed meeting held on the 12th October that EDRA had set up with Senior PCC and South Hams Planning and Traffic Committee Officers, D&C Police and representatives of the Sherford Consortium. The meeting was also attended by a nominated representative from Sherford Road who provided a very comprehensive presentation outlining the key concerns of the Sherford Road residents. The meeting was jointly chaired by Mr. Gary Streeter MP. Regrettably none of the Planning or Highways officers from PCC attended the meeting to the irritation of the Committee but we were pleased to see officials from South Hams on the evening. Some of the key points arising from the meeting relating to Sherford Road were presented and taken away by our Councillors and the South Hams officers for review and action as appropriate:-

Reduction of Sherford Road speed limit to 20mph.
Improved signs in Sherford Road at both ends to stop HGV’s and speeding vehicles. Enforcement action to be taken.
Low cost traffic calming measures such as speed bumps needed in Sherford Road as soon as possible to slow down traffic in key areas (low cost measures in view of future closure).
Build & open the relief road now from the quarry area down to Main Street – do we really have to wait until 170 homes are occupied? This relief road is needed now before another fatal accident occurs.  When it is open all HGV’s to be signposted down the relief road with HGV access by exception – only for delivery to properties in Sherford Road and side roads. 
Sherford Road to permanently close when the Main Street to Deep Lane connection is completed in Spring 2020 when safe alternative routes will be available for all vehicles away from Sherford Road.

The EDRA Facebook membership continues to grow in size and now has 237 active members. Please remember that the site is for the sharing of general information and topics relating to the Elburton and surrounding areas. Please refrain from using it improperly or to malign other individuals.

Nightingale Close

The Kier Development at Nightingale Close is progressing well with 15 of the 69 planned houses now sold and with 3 occupied by share ownership. 6 more houses are due to be handed over in the next few days.

The Marketing suite is open from 1000 to 1700 Thursday to Sunday inclusive. The Company has appointed a new Site manager – Mr. Chris Arkins – who has been in post since August and is optimistic that the site will be completed by May /June 2019 subject to weather conditions over the winter.

Brookwood Road/Gara Close

The planning application for Brookwood Road has now been withdrawn.

Gara Close Update

We understand that the planning application for the development at Gara Close has been rejected by planning officers due to the presence of a large tree on the plot.


This years AGM will take place at 1900 on Thursday 29th November at the Elburton Village Hall. All residents are welcome to attend. This year we regrettably have had a number of resignations from within the Committee and some committee members will be standing down for other reasons. To that end we will be looking to appoint the following to the EDRA Committee from the November AGM date:-

Vice Chairman

In addition to this we will be looking for additional new ‘general’ Committee members where we have positions for about 4 new members. As always we are keen to recruit some new blood on the Committee and look forward to receiving any applications in the next few weeks. If you do wish to volunteer then please send your name and contact details to :- pamaloma@btinternet.com

Councillor Information

This is a reminder that the three Councillors that serve the Elburton area are : –

Mrs. Vivien Pengelly,
Mr. Nigel Churchill and
Mr. Kevin Wigens

All three work very hard and closely with the EDRA committee to ensure the best outcomes for our residents and wider community. Unfortunately Mr. Wigens has been unwell for some months and has been unable to attend many Committee meetings. He has undergone several operations recently but is now on the road to recovery. We wish him a speedy recovery.
Mr. Churchill has been recently reselected by his party as the Conservative nominee seeking reelection at next year’s local elections.

Sherford Road Hedge Trimming

Those residents who use Sherford Road on a regular basis will recall that the hedges along that road and in particular from the old Sherford quarry to Stamps Hill had become very overgrown and intrusive onto the road.. Following extensive lobbying by one of the EDRA Committee members the Sherford Consortium has now carried out remedial hedge trimming along all of the road and traffic is able to move more freely without damage to vehicles. You will also have seen more intensive hedge trimming being carried out closer to the A38 /Deep Lane areas. This is being done to prevent unnecessary disruption to wildlife and bats in particular during the nesting season and in anticipation of the construction works that will be carried out for the new relief road starting early next year.

Travellers’ Site

A recent planning application had been submitted to Plymouth City Council for the siting of a Travellers site at nearby Wixenford Road. This had caused a lot of bad feeling with the residents of Billacombe in particular and a petition was raised to object to its approval. We understand that the application has now been rejected.


Christmas is approaching fast and the Committee will be looking to continue with its traditional Festive light ‘switch-on’ event in the Village on the 4th December. The Committee has appointed Mr. Bob Watson as our event lead for this and good progress has already been made in making this year’s event as good as previous years. If you feel that you can help or have any suggestions for the day please contact Bob on robertvbwatson@gmail.com. As normal the Committee will be seeking some financial support from the local traders within the Village as far as possible.

10. New Chemist at Springfield Road

The new Chemist on Springfield Road opened at 0900 on Monday 15th October. The long awaited Pharmacy has been established by two partners with extensive previous experience in the Pharmaceutical business and who are keen to build the business whilst developing good relationships with the local Elburton Community. The Pharmacy will be open from 0900 to 1730 Monday to Friday and from 0900 to 1300 on a Saturday. As well as providing traditional prescription services they will also be providing an Online Prescription ordering service in due course as well as providing a delivery service by late November.