NEWSLETTER No. 83                                                    Spring 2018


  • Committee Changes
  • Policing Issues
  • Traffic Consultation
  • Elburton Road
  • Sherford Road Closure
  • Sewage Pumping Station Update
  • New Facebook Page
  • Kier presentation 
  • Parking
  • Elburton Roundabout
  • Christmas
  1. Committee Changes

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Newsletter. This is the first Newsletter in my new role as Chairman of the Elburton District Residents Association and following a number of committee changes at last years AGM. On behalf of the EDRA Committee I would like to thank Mr Steve Gimingham and Mrs Penny Hale for all their hard work and dedication throughout the past in their roles as Chairman and Secretary. In particular Steve has been instrumental in organising several Xmas light functions and other events within the village and has worked extremely hard in his role as Chairman on all manner of issues within the Elburton area and more recently Sherford 

2. Policing Issues 

We were very pleased to meet our new Neighbourhood Beat manager at our last committee meeting in March, PC Glenn Hawkins, who has most recently been working within the Stonehouse and Mutley areas of the city. PC Hawkins is keen to build a good relationship with the local community and discussed a new scheme that D&C Police is introducing across the city. The scheme is called ‘Devon and Cornwall Alert’ and further details can be found by registering at  ‘alerts.dc.police.uk’ .Some leaflets will be left in Elburton Post office for more information on the scheme  and how to register. Glenn explained that the scheme provides a system whereby the public is able to inform the police online of any issue or concern and to receive direct alerts from the police when appropriate. Glenn reminded the Committee that Elburton has a very low crime rate but advised everbody of the need to be vigilant at all times. 

He also discussed the issue of unwanted Cold calling within the area and has provided several “No Cold Calling Stickers’ that residents can use to deter such cold callers. A number of these stickers will be left at the Village Post Office and will be replenished if demand requires. 

3 Traffic Consultation 

As you will recall, the Council undertook a six week Traffic consultation survey regarding the A379 at the end of 2017 and we await the results and feedback from that survey. EDRA has pushed hard for the results to be made public but at this time nothing has been issued. We are working with our local Councillors to hasten the release of the results and will keep you posted as soon as practically possible.

4. Elburton Road

An informal meeting of residents living along Elburton Road took place on the 22nd March to discuss the implications of the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) recently issued by Plymouth City Council (and advertised in the Plymouth Herald) regarding a number of proposed changes to Elburton Road. These changes may have been instigated by PCC in response to some of the issues raised within the Traffic Consultation exercise. The meeting was well attended with the majority of residents very unhappy about the proposed changes. Residents had until the 27th March to submit their comments. A copy of the TRO is available on our Facebook page.

5. Sherford Road Closure

From the end of April 2018 and until the 1st June, PCC and South Hams councils have advised that they will be closing Sherford Road. The intention is for the road to be realigned to meet the final Sherford layout. More detail of this can be found on the Elburton District Residents Association Facebook page (see below). 

Separately to this closure EDRA is lobbying the three  (PCC, South Hams and Devon County) councils through our local Councillors to undertake some repairs to Sherford Road and we are hoping that the impending closure will provide an ideal opportunity for this to happen.

6. Sewage Pumping Station – KGV Playing Fields

Following extensive lobbying and objections by EDRA and our local Councillors we were 

able to get SWAA to withdraw their application for a new Sewage pumping station within the King George V playing fields. Kier, the contractor responsible for the development at Nightingale Close has now indicated that the pumping station will be sited within the footprint of the new development and not in the field. However there will be a need to remove an unprotected tree and to lay some underground pipes within the field to meet up with the existing pumping station. We have been told that this will have minimal long-term effect. 

7  New EDRA Facebook page

As indicated in the last Newsletter we had intended to set up an Elburton District Residents Facebook Community page. This has now been done and is live. I would like to thank Pam Buchan for her kind help in getting this set up. Please log in to join the Community and please share your thoughts, photos and information regarding matters going on in the area. Please be courteous and respectful when using it. We have already loaded some information and pictures on the site but welcome your views, and comments. 

Separately the EDRA Website is still available for use and provides more details and information about the Association and can be found at :-


For the time being, the EDRA postbox will remain in the Elburton Post Office for use by anybody, but in particular those not having access to a computer or smart phone.

 8. Kier Presentation 

On the 22nd February EDRA set up an informal presentation by the Kier Living group who are responsible for the development of 69 houses at Nightingale Close. The presentation took place in the Village Hall and was well attended by local residents and provided an opportunity for the Kier management team to provide some more information about the development and for residents to ask questions. The presentation was well received and at times became quite heated but the Kier team were very responsive and appeared to answer most peoples concerns.  

9. Parking

Careless and thoughtless parking continues to be an issue within the village and particularly outside of the Coop. This issue was discussed at length with PC Hawkins at the last Committee meeting. He explained that the Police no longer get involved in parking infringements unless something is considered dangerous and that illegal parking was the responsibility of the Council. He drew the Committee’s attention to the Plymouth City Council website where any resident with a particular concern is able to request a Vehicle enforcement officer to attend if required. To make such a request please visit:-



 10. Elburton Roundabout

As most of you will be aware Alan Cummings Estate Agency office within the Village has now closed. They had been previously been responsible for sponsoring the maintenance of the shrubbery and planting on the roundabout at Elburton but obviously this will no longer be the case. The Committee is keen to continue in this  manner and is actively looking for a new sponsor(s) and would welcome any suggestions.   

11 Christmas 

It may be very early to start thinking about Christmas but the Committee is keen to continue the tradition of a Christmas lights switch on event within the Village, This takes a lot of organising and fundraising. To that end we have ‘appointed’ one of the Committee to act as a coordinator for this years event and to start organising some of the issues that need to be addressed. If you have any thoughts or ideas for this years event we would be very grateful to hear them. Please contact Bob Watson on robertvbwatson@yahoo.co.uk for any suggestions or post your ideas on our Facebook page.