1)30mph Speed Limit and Cameras on Elburton Road

The issue of the introduction of the 30mph speed limit on Elburton Road and the perceived inappropriate use of average speed cameras in Elburton Road has incensed many people. EDRA raised this with our Councillors resulting in a local Consultation taking place in December 2017. The public submitted as many as 300 comments and Plymouth City Council have reviewed the comments and produced a report. We await the Councils proposals now the report has been published on their website

2) Reservoir Road traffic Concerns

Concerns have been raised about speeding traffic on Reservoir Road from Springfield Road towards Stanborough Road. A safety review is awaited.

3) Safe Cycling provision from Broxton Drive to Elburton

This has been raised with our Councillors on several occasions. We are not aware of any funded plan to provide a safe and practical cycling route beyond Broxton Drive to Elburton and to Sherford New Town. A response on this issue is awaited.

4) Requested Permanent Closure of Sherford Road

Residents living on Sherford Road and surrounding Roads have been campaigning for a long time for Sherford Road to be closed permanently at the earliest opportunity. Our Councillors are seeking agreement with the Sherford Consortium and the Planning Authorities on  this matter.